Reconditioning / valeting of bulk bags

Centurion Packaging also undertake bulk bag Valeting or reconditioning at Golborne to allow expensive bulk bags to be re-used instead of replaced.

It is estimated that many bags can be reused up to 4 or 5 times.
Reconditioning or valeting bags is carried out where the same product is moved around; often inter-group and vast savings can be made by the user.

Market areas where reconditioning can be beneficial

    • Powders

    • Chemicals
    • (some) Foodstuffs
    • Feeds
    • Detergents and soap based products

    The Valeting operation principle is simple

    • Segregation on receipt
    • Examination for damage
    • Optional refurbishing service
    • Complete cleaning service
    • Re-tie and repair filling spouts and discharge spouts
    • Repacking the bags
    • Return to customer

    When the life of the bag reaches its final trip, we will have it recycled into granules for re-use into basic plastic products.