Polythene products by Centurion Packaging

Advanced polymer blends

Centri-Tuff films are made from complex polythene blends that are unique to Centurion packaging. Not only are they produced from the highest grade raw material, they are also manufactured by state on the art multi-layer co-extrusion lines which offer a light weight yet extra tough polythene.

By switching to Centri-Tuff we reduce your polythene consumption by up to 20% against your current specification(s) leading to less plastic waste going to landfill. Not only will Centri-Tuff reduce your costs by 20% it will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

All of our polythene products stated on this page can be made from Centri-Tuff blends.
If you would like more info on our Centri-Tuff range then please contact one of our friendly technical staff and they will be more than happy to chat through your requirements in more detail.

Machine & hand stretch films

With excellent tear and puncture resistance our cast or blown hand stretch films and machine stretch films are recommended for a number of products that need to be secured and protected on the pallet may it be from wrapping aggregates or frozen food products we will have the right film for you.

We stock a large range of stretch films from standard to high performance that come in many different thicknesses from 6mu up to 34mu and in many different colour's, you can now even have your stretch films printed with your company logo. Whatever your requirement we will always promise to provide you the right products to safely transport your goods from A-B.

For a full stock list of our stretch films please get in touch and we would be more than happy send you our current available stock.

Centurion Packaging for Bulk Bags & Polythene Products

Mailing bags & mailing film

Cost-effective mailing bags and film secure and dispatch literature and other mailing products using our cost-effective Centri- Tuff films. It is an economical alternative to paper-based solutions, providing a high level of protection from both moisture and punctures. When made from our unique CentriTuff material, we can offer this product at some of the UK’s most cost-effective rates meaning you can secure your mailing literature and your costs.

Supplying large and small businesses nationwide we can supply your bags/films in standard, Centri-Tuff or even recycled material and can print up to 8 colour's.

Waste Wrap & Bailing films

From the very beginning Centurion Packaging have been part of the RDF and SRF market here in the UK and Europe.

We have been dedicated to this process of waste management and have worked with and supported some of the largest waste processing companies around the world. From our experience over
the years we have designed a number of high quality films to suit your waste stream and chosen export route.

Our Centri-Tuff waste wrap is produced by 5 and 7 layer coextrusion technology and demonstrates high elasticity and excellent puncture resistance and all products are guaranteed with 12 months UV stability. Our extensive range of Centri-Tuff waste wrap has been engineered to be compatible on all waste wrapping machinery and is suitable for round and square bales. free samples can be issued upon request.

We also offer trailer liner for the lining of wagons as well as hi-adhesive tape to cover those unwanted puncture holes.

For our most competitive up to date prices please feel free to get in touch with our experienced waste team.

Polythene sacks, bags & liners

Centurion Packaging can offer our customers wide range of polythene sacks, bags and liners in many sizes, colours and thicknesses.

Also If required we can supply all sacks, bags and liners with customised branding.

  • Open Mouth Sacks
  • Gusseted
  • Non Gusseted
  • Block Bottom
  • Printed up to 10 colour's
  • 3 dimensional block bottom
  • Back-seam or tube
  • Folded base or single seam
  • Micro-perforated

  • Non slip additves
  • Laminated or unlaminated
  • Matte Finishes
  • Zip Closures
  • Easy open systems
  • Side and top handles
  • Matte metallic gloss finish mix
  • Anti-static additives
  • Multi layer co-ex materials

Blown Silage Film

Our Blown silage film is produced from the highest grade raw material which is 100% virgin (C8) polymer, this coupled with the state of the art extrusion lines means we can offer a 5 and 7 layer films that have greater puncture resistance than any other product on the market, also because of the blown extrusion process means that we can achieve higher adhesive levels.

Our bale wrap and silage stretch film is produced from our exclusive range of Centri-Tuff polymer blends which means that not only can we offer a saving per roll we can also guarantee to increase your yield, offering an even a bigger saving.

  • 100% Virgin polymer
  • 5 layer Co-extruded
  • Blown extrusion process
  • High adhesive levels
  • High tensile strength

  • Greater puncture resistance
  • UV protected
  • 750mm and 500mm width available
  • Choice of colours