Textiles & footwear

Centurion offer all of the woven polypropylene packaging required for our customers to transport these textiles, whether from the street corner to the sorter or from the UK sorting operations to the export container.

Across the UK & Europe we are recycling our old clothing to:

  • Less fortunate countries & continents
  • Regenerated carpet underlay
  • Woollen shoddy
  • Charity Shops
  • Shoe Bags

Centurion Packaging stocks tens of thousands of these units in their Warrington warehouse

  • Products offered:
  • Bale Wrap sets
  • Botany Bags
  • Box Bags
  • Flat sacks
  • Baling twine

Non textile recycling

  • Recycled rubber and plastic
  • Lime residue & waste matter
  • Bicarbonate residues
  • Iron, copper and steel recycling
  • Mining residues
  • Stone and slate reclaim

We are always happy to provide any additional information about our services.